Reasons for Owning an Aircraft

Individuals can either have a jet card, jet charter and fractional ownership to enjoy a private aircraft but most would still prefer a personal aircraft. Some people say they want to fly with the same aircraft for a long time. Individuals prefer the same set of professionals as their aircraft’s maintenance mechanics and flight crews. People who want cost-effective flights, can do so with a personal aircraft.

After buying an aircraft you will see that you have fixed costs for: maintenance, crew expenses, hangar fees, insurance, property taxes, and interest expense. Yearly flight fees would demonstrate that these are the same regardless of the duration of those air times. Fuel usage and aircraft maintenance for extra travel time, are the expenses that are variable. If you consider chartered aircraft flights, then you will see how more expensive those are than with a personal aircraft.

Overhead expenses are balanced out by the savings from personal aircraft flights because it is cheaper. You do not have to fly a certain number of hours in your own aircraft to know that it is cost-effective. Nevertheless, owning an aircraft becomes cost-effective the more often you fly with it.
Companies talk with potential buyers first what they expect in traveling with their own aircraft. Expectations like the cabin’s size, luggage capacity, passenger capacity, destinations, and number of flight hours are determined. They will further discuss your destinations to finalize costs, flight times, and routes. Aircraft models that fit your preferences will then be suggested by the companies. You are then presented with the plane’s approximate operating and capital budget. Categorizations like heavy, midsize, and light are assigned for aircraft. An aircraft can be categorized outside of those three types, so you can find something that fits your standards.

Examine the market if they sell the aircraft model you want. The final price will be determined by how much the last plane was sold at and the plane’s current listings. You can negotiate for the best price in the market with the right timing.

A charter certificate can be placed on an aircraft you have bought with the help of a management company. A charter certificate helps in mitigating your operational cost. Your aircraft will be up for those chartered flights as posted management companies. Your aircraft’s ownership costs can be alleviated if you gain chartered flights’ profits each year.

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